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Eco Club

This term the Eco club will be looking at the amount of single use plastic we have in our school. Keep an eye out for your survey coming soon.

The children in school will also have a survey to complete too!

After we have collated the results, we will look into ways of reducing single use plastic at St. Michael's.


Remember, you can still get an Eco fob, to log your walks to school and earn house points and prizes too! 


We will also be relaunching our Plantathon for this term!

These children have adopted endangered animals through WWF. Inspired by their work in class.

Current Eco News.

Crisp packet recycling

 After April 25th, Terra cycle will no longer be giving monetary awards for crisp packets. We will still be collecting crisp packets in school and will instead take them to our local Tesco’s recycling area. Until April, we would like to collect as many as possible to be able to raise some more funds for the school. The children were shown how to fold the crisp packets, which makes them easier and safer to handle, in assembly. There is also a video on our website. Our continued thanks go to Mrs Newman who is helping with this.

Plantathon 2021!

The Plantathon will now be extended to Plantathon 2021-22! Our school community has planted 130 plants and we hope that this year we will be able to hit our target of 201, a plant for every child who was in our school in 2021! Please forward a photograph to the school office of your child, or their relative, planting a new plant.

Green Flag

The system for receiving Green Flags has now changed and we are submitting for a new green flag status. This time around you can apply for a green flag with merit or distinction! To do this, you may find the children come home with some tasks that we would like your support in them achieving.

Eco Committee

The 2022 eco committee is the biggest yet, with over 30 of the children being part of the team. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to have any new members until the next school academic year, although there are plenty of things for all the children to be involved in. Currently we are looking at litter around our school grounds and reducing the use of single use plastic in our school, keep your eye out for communication regarding this from the children.

Eco rewards

We are continuing to work with Eco rewards, where the children can log their walks to school. Many of our children have received shopping vouchers following prize draws and earned certificates and badges. It is great that they are also receiving the mental health benefits from walking to school and reducing the CO2 emissions by leaving the car at home. Eco fobs and more information can be obtained by contacting the school office.

Environment Day 2022.

In June this year we will be having an environment day in school…more information to follow.


Kind regards

Kay Fawkes

Eco-schools coordinator

Thank you Mrs Newman, for boxing up and sending off our crisp packets for recycling. Please remember to fold them before throwing them in the bin. Thank you


Crisps away!

We are now collecting crisp packets to recycle. Please watch the video using the link below to see how to fold them. 

Amazing news!! St. Michael's are now the proud recipients of the Eco Schools Green Flag!

The Eco Club have applied for their Green Eco Blue Peter Badge! Fingers crossed! smiley

The Eco Club proudly launched the St. Michael's Plantathon on Friday 11th June with Year 6 telling us all the benefits of planting new plants! Our aim is to plant 201 new plants in our school community, one for every child currently in our school. Send us in your pictures to make our

Plantathon gallery below.

Eco Club have been very busy this term preparing for our Green Flag application:

Year 3: Lily-Rose has completed the first draft of the Eco Code.

Year 4: have researched and presented an assembly on Single use plastic, completed a litter pick in the playground and are making an application for a Blue Peter Badge!

Year 6: have been researching and preparing for an assembly on why we should plant more plants!


March 22nd 2021 was World Water Day, this year's theme was Valuing Water. 

Congratulations St. Michael's we have been awarded our Silver Badge! 

Silver Award

Eco video.MP4

Still image for this video

Welcome to our ECO page! We are very proud to be working towards our Green Flag award and have already earned our Bronze Award. Please enjoy our pages and look at all the exciting work we have been completing to receive our ECO Schools Green Flag! 

If you wish to be part of our work please see Mrs Fawkes or call into the office! All welcome!

The first two boxes of crisp packets were received by Walkers Crisp Recycling Scheme and the school has £18 in their account!

What we have achieved so far

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