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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 laugh

What will the children be learning this term?laugh


The children have started the summer term learning how to multiply. They will be using concrete objects to help them develop their skills and when confident they will move onto solving multiplication through pictorial representation. 

Following on from multiplication will be division, fractions, position and direction.



For the first part of the term, the children will be learning how to write instruction texts. They will then be learning how to write information texts that will link to their creative curriculum project. At this stage in year 1, children are expected to be able to  independently  use  the conjunction 'and', full stops  and capital letters to be at age related expectations.


Creative curriculum 

This term the children will be learning about transport. They will be focusing on how transport has changed over time, types of transport, the importance of transport and the disadvantages of transport. smiley



The children have started the term learning all about the body. The children will then be learning about animals, followed by materials and lastly the seasons. 



Information for Year 1 Parents


The adults working in Year One throughout the week are Miss Leatherbarrow, Mrs Squires, Mrs Mc Commish and Mr Boardman.  On the year one page, we hope to provide helpful information about what to expect for the year ahead. If, however, you require further information, please do not hesitate to ask.


We are so sorry that circumstances have meant that our WOW trip has not been able to take place but we promise to normal as soon as it is safe to do so. I very much look forward to working with you and your child in the year ahead in Year 1 J



The children can select their lunch choice at home or at school every morning. This term we will all eat as a class in our classrooms, with Year 1 staff sitting with the children.



The main thrust of our phonics work this term will be to revisit phase three and four phonics and to learn phase five. These phases are most easily seen at, a website that we use frequently for games to reinforce classroom learning. In June the children will take the national Phonics Screening check but we keep this very low key and when the time comes the children see it as an opportunity to show off all that they have learnt. The children will continue to practise blending letter sounds to make simple words to read and spell.

Children will read with an adult on a daily basis where possible and a minimum of twice a week.   Please continue to hear your child read every day and update the reading record when you do so. During the first term adults will help the children to change their books .After the first term, it will be up to the children to independently change their books when you have signed to say they have finished reading them as this will help promote their independenceJ.  As the year goes on the children will also benefit from Guided reading sessions in groups .Please note that this may not always be recorded in their reading record books as this is a joint reading session. The children will be asked to place used reading books into a finished book box on a Friday so that they can be left for 48 hours before being put back into the original book boxes. This is due to current Covid precautions.

In writing we will be focusing on capital letters, punctuation and grammar throughout the year, enabling the children to independently form properly punctuated sentences as well as encouraging them to expand their sentences using descriptive language and conjunctions. We will be studying and writing a range of fiction and non-fiction texts and will also use drama and picture maps to bring the literacy to life. An overview of what the children will be taught can be found on the Year one page on our school website.


By the end of this term all children should be able to:

Verbally count from 0-100 and back

Sequence numbers to 100

Sort objects

Write numbers to 100

Be able to add and subtract

Identify 2D and 3D shapes

Place value


Creative Curriculum

The children’s curriculum project this term is based on  'the great British art project'. They will be focusing on David Hockney and they will be producing work using his style and techniques. 



PE will now take place on a Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoons. Please can the children come to school in their PE kits. You do not need to bring a change of school clothes on the days that the children have PE. If children wear earrings, please can they be removed prior to the PE lesson. We are unable to take the earrings out ourselves. Thank you in advance for your co operation. The children will go out to play and out to PE whatever the weather so it might be handy to leave a small drawstring bag on their peg with spare dry socks and pants and a cheap pair of navy tracksuit trousers. An appropriate coat should always be in school.


Home Learning

The children will be given a list of nine spellings that will be given out every Friday. These can be found in their yellow spelling books or reading record books. Once the spellings have been handed out, they will be given a week to learn them. Please keep in mind that the day of the spelling check may change but the children will always be given seven days or more to learn them if  this ever happens to be the case. The spelling checks will be carried out in their spelling books so that you are able to see their scores weekly.  In addition, each week your child should read aloud most days and their reading record books should be signed. This will be checked weekly. Those that read will receive a sticker 30 stickers will equal a gold certificate. Children will be also be given either a maths or literacy homework sheet on a Tuesday. To further prevent the spread of covid, please can the homework be  uploaded onto Teams. The work will be marked during the week  or no later than five o'clock Monday evening.  Homework submitted after this will not be marked. J


Reward system

Each class at St. Michael’s starts the year by discussing their rights and responsibilities at school and use these to create our ‘Wonderful We Wills…’ that outline what they will do to become excellent role models. These form the class code which each child agrees to follow. The children enjoy plentiful praise for their efforts and we recognise individual achievements and make a point of praising children to other adults and in front of the class. All children will get a certificate at some time during the year. Children will be chosen weekly to receive a certificate from Mr Bevan and this will be presented in our Celebration Assembly on a Friday morning at half past nine. This will be delivered via teams until further notice. J


In Year One, the children are assigned to house teams: Raindrops, Ivy, Fire and Snowflakes. Good work/behaviour will result in the children receiving a house points. Should there be any concerns about your child’s behaviour you will be informed. All children will earn golden time on a Friday afternoon where they have the opportunity to play with whatever they would like. Golden time will be allowed if the children have placed their star onto the ‘I was a super star window’. Children will earn a place on this window for any achievement big or small. Reward systems maybe added/ changed as the year goes on. In the past we have used marbles, sticker charts and bubble colour. The whole school also use a traffic light system. Please refer to the behaviour policy for further details on this.



Woods Walks

We generally go to Ambarrow Woods several times each half term .A list of dates will follow informing you all of when the wood walks will take place. Please note that some dates may change but plenty of notice will be given. Helpers are particularly welcome on woods days but under current circumstances we need to establish regular helpers to keep our 'bubble' as secure as possible. Please let us know if there are several dates you can accompany us. Please also speak to the office about completing the DBS process. We would ask that no photos of school events be put on Facebook, as some parents do not give permission for this.

These walks cannot take place without sufficient regular helpers.  If we cannot make it to the woods we will go to the field instead as this does not require extra support.



Each child will normally cook at least once a half term. At this current time, cookery will not be taking place due to social distancing. When the time for cookery is allowed, some things will be eaten in school and others brought home for you to enjoy together.


Please refer to the website to see what your children have been learning over the year. Other documents such as: time table, yearly overview, spellings and learning goals can also be found on the Year One web page.


Please remember we can only allow children to go home with other adults if we have your specific permission. You can tell us in the morning or ring the office to let us know.


Class Teachers: Miss Leatherbarrow

Support Staff: Mrs Squires, Mrs Mc Commish 



Useful websites

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Writing Inspiration

Spelling Help

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Useful Information

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