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Sandhurst, Berkshire

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Summer Term

As the Ducklings enter their final term we can see how grown up they have become. They are confident in their letters and numbers and are becoming more independent in reading and writing.


They are  real children of St Michael's now, no longer the babies of the school. It is such a joy to see this transformation in so short a time and the real sense of belonging they feel to our school community. "Ah, I'm home!" said a Duckling, bursting in through the door one morning!


In Parent's Evening, just before Easter,  one parent reported their child as saying: "I don't know what I am going to learn next term yet, but I KNOW it is going to be exciting!"  This is exactly the excitement in learning that we hope to foster, and feel sure that he will not be disappointed to learn that the topic for the first 4 weeks will be Apex Predators. As always, our topic choice is led by the interests of the children and this is an area where many have already shown their fascination.


In Literacy, we will be continuing to work on fluency and confidence in reading, recognising tricky words by sight and developing a real love of reading. In writing the children will be learning to write their own stories using the conventions of storytelling and developing their vocabulary. They will learn to write in sentences and begin to use capital letters and full stops.


In Maths, the children will work on mental fluency with numbers to 20; adding and subtracting mentally by counting on and back, using known facts such as doubles and learning to understand odd and even and what they mean.


This term brings the delight of Sports Day as well as warmer walks in the woods and to the park in Sandhurst and other local woodlands. Mr Luis has been so impressed by the Ducklings abilities in PE; he will be teaching simple invasion games and team activities this term.

Sailors and Sea Shanties Day

Any time is Story Time!

Role Play in the Ducklings Playground

PE with Mr Luis

Investigating Height

Sand & Water play

In the woods...

Planting bulbs

Learning about Sweden for Languages Day


Class Teachers: Mrs Gill Evans

Support Staff: Mrs Erica Malone  Mrs Mandy Bearman Mrs Sophie Eckersall

PE Teacher: Mr Louis

Volunteer Helper: Mrs Dorothy Hill


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You might find these books helpful at home:

Usborne Wipe clean lower case letters

Usborne wipe clean 3 letter words to copy


Welcome to Ducklings

The Ducklings is our Reception EYFS class for children who will have their 5th birthday in the academic year between 1st September and the 31st August. All the children start school together in September, with an option to go home at lunchtime until Christmas. By January all pupils are full time. There is a maximum of 30 children in the class with 3 members of staff every morning and 2 every afternoon.


The Ducklings have a rich and exciting curriculum with weekly visits to the local woodlands for an entire morning, or to a local care home to learn alongside their 'older friends' for an afternoon. They go on frequent trips further afield, visiting farms, museums, churches, theatres, parks and finally the seaside for a family day out at the end of the year. We are firmly of the belief that learning does not have to take place in the classroom and we embrace the outdoor life, whatever the weather!


The Ducklings are very much a part of the wider school, and the whole school trip in their second or third week of school gives them and their families a sense of being a real member of the St. Michael's community. We welcome parents and grandparents into the Ducklings classroom at all times and on our many trips. 


The Ducklings receive a letter from a buddy in Year 5 before they start school and their buddy greets them and plays with them on their summer afternoon visit to the school. The relationship  continues to flourish as they meet the again on the first day of school and know that they always have someone to look out for them in the playground.


Ducklings is an exciting but safe place for the children and their parents to flourish and form friendships to last a lifetime. Our children make excellent academic progress and most of all enjoy their childhood.