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Year 3

Autumn Term 2022




Welcome to all Year 3 children and parents!   Mrs. Milanovic, Mr. Handy and Mrs. Lewis are looking forward to meeting you all, and looking forward to an exciting Autumn Term.


This year’s WOW trip will be in the Autumn term. Of course, we’re not telling you where we are going, but we’re confident it will be a memorable day!  Further details (but not the location!) will follow soon...


What to bring to the classroom

Each day, the children need to bring:

  • A small pencil case (large pencil cases will not fit in the children’s trays)
  • An eraser
  • Pencil sharpener (the type that collects the shavings please!)
  • If the children wish: a small number of colouring pencils


The school will provide:

  • A pencil
  • A glue stick
  • A 30cm ruler

We do ask that children replace equipment they have lost or broken (lost pencils, snapped rulers, glue sticks without tops, etc.) as we want to encourage them to look after their equipment and respect school property.


There is not a lot of room in the cloakroom, so we ask that children bring small rucksacks, not large, hiking backpacks!




During the Autumn term the children will be learning about Place Value; developing their addition & subtraction skills; and learning about Money.


We will also be learning about multiplication, so it is very important that the children continue to practice their multiplication tables at home (especially the 2x, 4x, 5x, 8x and 10x tables). We find the children enjoy the following multiplication table games :



The children will also continue to develop their reasoning and problem solving skills.




In the Autumn term we will be concentrating on appreciating and writing fiction.  In class, we will be reading James and the Giant Peach, and writing our own fairy tales.


Creative Curriculum


During Autumn 1, we will be studying “Food, Glorious Food”! We will be learning where food comes from, the Geography of food, and the importance of minimising food miles.





In Term 1: Football and Tag Rugby! PE will be on Tuesday and Fridays.  On these days, the children should come to school dressed in their outdoor PE kit. The field can get a little wet, so the children may appreciate a spare pair of socks in their bag.




During the Autumn term, we will be learning about ‘Light & Shadow’, and ‘Health & Movement (diet and skeletons).  We will be carrying out lots of practical investigations!




Does taking bread show that someone is Christian? How else do Christians show their faith?




Alternating Maths and English homework will be sent home every Tuesday, and should be handed in by the following Monday. All children will be expected to complete their homework by this deadline.


We recommend that children complete their homework earlier in the week, as this gives them time to ask their teachers for help, if it is needed.


Of course, you are welcome to help your child complete their homework, but if they need a lot of help, please write a note in their homework books, so we can give them further support.


Please remind your child to bring in their homework every Monday (or earlier, if it is completed early) so that homework can be marked and new homework can be issued. However, you might like to let your child know we will not accept “My Mum/Dad forgot to put it in my bag” as an excuse!


Reading at home


Please ensure that your child reads aloud every day. This is absolutely vital if the children are to progress to their best ability. The children should bring in their reading record books every day, signed by an adult.



As ever, if you require any further information, please come and chat to the class teacher after school or send an email via the school office